National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

Logo of prodigal Home

Prodigals' Home

Prodigals’ Home (PH), established in 1990, is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Registration of Societies Act 1860 (as amended vide Registration of Societies Act 1969). It is also registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976 and Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961. Prodigals’ Home is based in Dimapur, Nagaland. Its mission is “Sustainable Development and equitable social order through people’s participation”. Prodigals’ Home works with people from diverse backgrounds and on varied issue such as health, social, economic, rural livelihood, disability, and policy advocacy.

Logo - Hemophilia Society Jind

Hemophilia Society Jind

Hemophilia Society works for the welfare of haemophiliac’s patients and spreads awareness on Hemophilia in Haryana since 2014. The Jind chapter of the society is affiliated with Hemophilia Federation India too. Their tag line is #one nation one treatment #Hemophilia without disability #Children free of pain.

Logo - Barefoot Trust

Barefoot Trust

Barefoot Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organization with a social presence in Odisha & Meghalaya. The organisation is dedicated to providing a platform for dialogue, discussions and demonstration of the intersectionality between education, inclusion, sustainable food and youth leading to the all-round development of students, persons with disability and youth in the competitive world. Barefoot Trust was founded on a learning culture aimed at encouraging and enriching conversation, developing quality relationships, spot opportunities for engagement, craft strategy, ignite innovation, exercise servant leadership, catalyse entrepreneurship and above all to stay relevant in the ever-changing world with a special focus on the development sector.

CVM Logo

Chhattisgarh Viklang Manch

Chhattisgarh Viklang Manch works to empower persons with disabilities. The mission was founded on the firm belief that the disabled do not need sympathy- they need a supportive environment to grow and fulfil their needs, potential and dreams.



Umang Established in 2006 is an initiative started by parents and professionals, striving for an inclusive society that provides equal opportunity for all, by enhancing the quality of life of individuals with various disabilities. Umang reaches out to individuals with: Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Intellectual Disability Multiple Disabilities.

Vishwas Logo

Vishwas- Vision for Health Welfare and Special Needs

Vishwas is a not-for-profit organisation located in sector 46, Gurugram, working in the field of Disability and Inclusive Development. Their programmes are rooted in the fundamental belief of equal opportunity and inclusion and respecting the right of every individual to live their life to the fullest with dignity. The organization believes that everyone has the right to access health care, education and livelihood options irrespective of disability, gender, class or caste.

Logo - Voice of Disabled

Voice of Disabled

Voice of Disabled is an organization registered in Kasaragod district of Kerala in 2018 under the Society Act and has district committee groups all over Kerala. They work for the welfare and upliftment of all types of persons with disabilities. It strives for the establishment of rights, especially by raising its voice against the rights violations that occur against people with disabilities and provide awareness classes in all groups.

logo - Saba Foundation for rare diseases

Saba Foundation for Rare Diseases

Saba Foundation for Rare Diseases (SFRD) is not-for-profit Sec 8 Limited Company under Companies Act, 2013. SFRD being an Umbrella Org., strives to provide support to All Rare Disease Patients in India. > 7000 diseases are identified till date and approximately 5% of the population suffer from these diseases i.e. 7-8 crores. SFRD works with them through Education & Empowerment, Advocacy with Government to make National Policy on Rare Diseases more comprehensive and also bring in Orphan Drugs to India.

logo - Arushi India

Arushi Society

Arushi is a Bhopal-based voluntary organization working with people with disabilities to facilitate a just, humane and equal-opportunity society. The focus of its efforts is to help people with disabilities develop capacities to achieve their potential and to advocate their rights and concerns through sensitization of the community. ‘Arushi’, the name means the first ray of the Sun. Just as the Sun’s first rays bring forth a new day, fresh hope, promise and prospects, Arushi strives to bring hope and courage into the lives of people with disability.

Deepshikha Institute for Child Development & Mental Health

Deepshikha, Institute for Child Development and Mental Health (a unit of Purshree) Ranchi is an organization working in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Jharkhand. The organization came into being on 17th July 1988.Deepshikha aims to work for child development and mental health by developing models of clinical services.

Anuprayaas Logo


Anuprayaas is a social organization working to make India accessible & inclusive for people with disabilities. Anuprayaas works for creating accessible infrastructure in public spaces and conduct disability awareness programs. Their work has been featured by UN, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment India & Ministry of Railways for making public infrastructure accessible.

Logo - Shishu Sarothi

Shishu Sarothi Centre for Rehabilitation & Training for Multiple Disability

Shishu Sarothi is a registered NGO established in 1987, working with and for children and people with disability across Assam and North eastern India. With core services in the domains of health, education and advocacy, the organization has widened its work over the years, using a cross disability and rights-based approach. Early Intervention programs are aimed at developing potential and minimizing disabilities, while the education services include school readiness and inclusive education programs alongside holistic special education for children with high support needs. The awareness and advocacy efforts are directed at improving legal literacy of all stakeholders and enabling redressal of grievances.

Logo - Humanity welfare organisation Helpline

Humanity Welfare Organization Helpline

Humanity Welfare Organization Helpline is registered as a non-governmental organization advocating for the safeguard of rights of persons with disabilities in Jammu & Kashmir. The organization has been delivering educational, rehabilitation, healthcare and sports trainings and services to persons with disabilities. The organization was established in 2000 and registered in 2003 under Societies Registration Act. It has established a school for children with disabilities under the name Zaiba Aapa institute Of Inclusive Education in which hundreds of children got education and rehabilitation services, free aids and appliances, legal aid, awareness and linkage with various schemes. Humanity Welfare organization Helpline has been conducting sports, recreation and developmental events all across south Kashmir.

handicapped development foundation

Handicapped Development Foundation

Handicapped Development Foundation is a not-fort-profit-making Trust established in 1999 and got the status of a Registered Trust under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 under registration no.387 of 2002 in the state of Manipur, India. HD Foundation envisages a welfare society where poorest of the poor, weaker section and especially for Persons with Disability of the society could enjoy with full justice and democratic values in life. The organization strives to uplift and support them by providing educational assistance, livelihood promotion activities, capacity building, community awareness, counselling, legal aid, etc. In doing the foundation is working at the grassroots level in close integration with the families of the disabled persons, the village community and other interested social groups of state.

Divyang Ekta Welfare Society

The objective of the organization is to make people with disabilities self-reliant by connecting them with employment, ensuring strong participation in every field at the social level.

Creative Education and Development Society

The Creative Education and Development Society Etah (Uttar Pradesh) India was established in 12-04- 2001. There are a lot of awareness programs in various sectors such as education distance education, special education, legal, environment, women empowerment, training and development for disabled people, women, children, as well as students and farmers etc. The Society is registered with the National Trust, New Delhi (Government of India).

Logo - Latika Roy Memorial Foundation

Latika Roy Memorial Foundation

The Latika Roy Foundation has been working in the field of disability in Uttarakhand since 1994. It is a registered society and a professional organisation, devoted to assessment, creative education and therapy for children with disabilities, vocational training and recreation for adults. Our services are activity based and family cantered, and founded on a clear understanding of typical and atypical child development.

Logo - Hemophilia Welfare Society, Jaipur

Hemophilia Welfare Society, Jaipur

The organization works to provide better treatment for bleeding disorders including haemophilia patients and create a better world for them.