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National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) is a cross-disability non-profit organisation working with a range of stakeholders; to advocate for the rights of persons with disability along with encouraging their employment; increasing public awareness; creating and disseminating knowledge, information, and opportunities; and working towards easy and convenient access to all public places, products, services, and technologies.

NCPEDP - Bajaj Finserv Scholarship
Program for Students with Disabilities 2024-25

Empowering Students with Disabilitites

 Those with disabilities pursuing or willing to pursue secondary/higher secondary/higher education in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Supported by – Bajaj Finserv

Applications open till JULY 15th, 2024

for any queries reach out to us at: / 7303944839

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India’s most prestigious award for promoting Accessibility & Universal Design for Persons with Disabilities

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Our Work

How We Work

We work through a multi-faceted approach to achieving its mandate, grounded in real-life stories and working with multi-stakeholders.


We work through programmes focusing on promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and undertakes direct and indirect interventions.


We engage, inspire and mobilise diverse groups to spread awareness and empower persons with disabilities to fight for their rights.


We work towards the generation, dissemination and application of research-driven evidence for promoting a disabled-friendly world.

Awards & Events

We recognise and discuss best practices and challenges faced by diverse groups, for the inclusion of persons with disabilities, through awards and events.

Legal Aid

We provide legal aid to needy persons with disabilities and connect them with the right sources for accessing justice.

Disability and COVID-19 Support Helpline

NCPEDP helpline for persons with disability dedicated for the prevention and response to abuse and distress

Call Us at: 7303944839

A Tribute to Javed Abidi

Javed Abidi was the pioneer of the cross-disability movement in India. Javed strongly believed that empowerment of persons with disabilities is connected to education, which in turn hinged on accessibility. And all three are not possible without enabling laws and policies.