National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

NCPEDP believes in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities and works through the following approaches:


We at NCPEDP believe that advocacy is a critical process of the struggle for the rights of disabled people’s disability movement. Over the years, NCPEDP has conducted evidence-based advocacy and has partnered with institutions, policymakers and disability activists to advocate for disability inclusion in the mainstream agenda. Our agenda is to uphold the idea of  ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ and take it forward.

Awareness Raising & Sensitisation

People with disabilities are often considered as afterthought. As the world's single largest minority, people with disabilities are often discriminated against and excluded. The exclusion is mostly due to a lack of awareness and sensitization on the part of individuals and institutions alike.

Keeping the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (RPwD Act), 2016 at its core, NCPEDP regularly conducts awareness raising and sensitization amongst the masses, people with disabilities themselves; Disabled People’s Organizations; youth; governments; private sector and other stakeholders for creating an inclusive and accessible society.

Youth Mobilisation & Empowerment

There are a substantial number of disabled youth in the country and yet, the voices of these disabled youth have still not found sufficient resonance in the policy making and decision making processes, nor have they been given a platform for voicing their opinions and issues, even within the disability rights movement itself. We at NCPEDP believe that as future torchbearers, youth with disabilities should be equal stakeholders in ensuring an inclusive world. The National Convention for Youth with Disabilities is one such initiative that provides the platform to the youth with disabilities to enhance their leadership potential.

Knowledge Management & Dissemination

Using evidence to bring change has been one of the guiding principles at NCPEDP. By creating an evidence based information pool for advocacy, capacity building and awareness, much of its research and knowledge products are centred around its six pillars.

NCPEDP disseminates them in the form of Research Reports, FAQs, White Papers, Analysis etc through various communication channels including in accessible formats wherever possible for persons with disabilities.

Capacity Building

As the leading cross-disability organization in the country, NCPEDP uses its knowledge to build the capacity of its partners through a rights-based approach by regularly engaging with them through workshops, events, consultations and regular online and offline engagements.