National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

  • Please click on the Application form link to download the form.
  • The application form contains five sections with several questions. All sections and questions are compulsory and all the responses have to be filled in BLOCK letters.
  • The application form has to be emailed along with the attachments to with the Subject Line – Fellowship Application_Full Name of Applicant before the deadline i.e. 11th August, 2021.
  • Following is the list of attachments which should be collated into a PDF file and sent as an attachment with the application form:
    1. Disability Certificate (Only for people with disabilities)
    2. Copy of any Government issued Identity Card
    3. Transcripts/Mark sheets for each of the Educational Qualification mentioned in chronological order
    4. Writing Samples (if link not available)

Section 1: Personal Profile

  • Please enter your name as officially mentioned in your matriculation certificate or as registered formally, in case of any changes in it, post matriculation.
  • Please fill your age in number of years according to your date of birth as mentioned in the birth certificate/ matriculation certificate. Please enter the data in numeric form only. Example- 26, 21 or as may apply to you in similar manner.
  • Please select your gender appropriately. In case you are not comfortable with revealing the same then opt for the option: Do not want to mention.
  • In case you are a person with a disability then opt for yes and mention your disability.
  • Candidate with disability is required to attach his/her certificate of disability along with other documents requested in their email.
  • Please provide your permanent address mentioning House Name/Number, Street Name, Locality, Landmark. Post Office, City/Village, State and Pin Code.
  • In the next question please provide your corresponding/current address. In case it is the same as your Permanent address then please mention – Same as Permanent Address.
  • Please provide your email address and phone number in subsequent questions.

Section II: Educational and Professional Experience

  • Applicants are required to fill educational details from matriculation till the highest level of education attained. They will be required to fill basic information for each of level of education. This information will compromise of Name of the educational institute, duration, type of course and qualification obtained. They will begin by providing name of institute i.e.- school/college/deemed university name. In the next section the candidates will highlight duration in YYYY format, example If candidate was registered for matriculate exams in 1999 and passed it in 2000 then they will enter 1999/2000 in the From/to section. Similarly, they will mention whether it was a full time or part time programme. For candidates who have attended open school or Open University, they will mention part time in this section and vice-versa.Lastly, they will mention the outcome of their efforts like completed Matriculation / pursuing post graduation in case, a candidate is still pursuing a degree.
  • Similarly, in the next question the candidates have to fill the details of their employment for each of the opportunities served and serving while filling the form. Else, applicants can check the option ‘Fresher’ if they do not have work/volunteer experience. The applicants have to fill these details in the chronology which starts with the most recent engagement of their career. For example if s/he has worked in X and presently working in Y company then they will first enter details of later and then former. The candidates will firstly mention the Name of the company and then its address using “;” to separate both. Example X; Street, City, District, State. Subsequently, they will mention the duration of tenure served in respective organizations in MM/YYYY format. For example s/he worked with X from January 2006 to December 2006 then, they will mention 01/2006 – 12/2006 in from/to section. Lastly they will have to mention one line brief of their experience in the “Position held including brief description of your duties” section in the format: Position Held; Responsibilities; Achievement (if any). Example – Sales Lead; Co-coordinating, relationship management with clients, team review exercise to promote and boost sales in ABC region; Stabilized the decreasing sales figure and added 12 new clients.Please note that the brief has to be a one liner so mention the most important part of your work/experience/achievements. Applicants can also add their volunteer or any unpaid work in this section relevant to the fellowship in a chronological order.
  • In the next question one needs to refer to language proficiency for the languages known using codes referring to proficiency levels: 1 for limited understanding, 2 refers to workable knowledge and 3 is for command over the language. Example if s/he mentions Bengali as in the “Language” section and they are excellent with the language then they will mention 3 in each of the reading, writing and speaking sections respectively for it.
  • In the next question, the applicants will mention about his/her knowledge of computers by highlighting the tools and applications one is aware of. Example – MS office; Windows movie maker; Web browser etc. In case one is not proficient at handling computers then they have to mention NA in the section.
  • In the next question, applicants have to provide writing references. They can do this by providing the link to their writing samples if available online or they can email it as an attachment along with the application form. Applicants can also write a fresh article in case of absence of any such prior exposure. They have the liberty to choose any issue of their interest but strictly avoid unethical practices like plagiarism.
  • The last question provides additional space for applicants to highlight any information that they would like to for the fellowship such as extra co-curricular activities/certifications/ online courses in not more than 250 words.

Section III: Motivation Statement & Theme of Work

  • This is the most important section in the application form. The first question intends to seek a theme of interest around disability that the candidate is interested in working on during the fellowship period and reasoning for the scope of work. Like- Inclusive Education/Alternate Livelihood/Social discrimination/Sports/Health etc. and potential of fellowship to complement it. The word limit is 500 words.
  • The next question is a Statement of Purpose, a motivational statement where the applicant expresses his/her intent and reasoning behind the motivation to pursue the fellowship and work in the disability sector, expectation and perspective regarding the fellowship, why he/she sees himself/herself as one of potential fellows, where he/she see himself/herself after 3 years and in what ways can the fellowship support and add on to their knowledge and skill base in not more than 500 words.

Section IV: References

In this section candidates have to mention, name, designation, contact information and relation to the referee in the provided space.

Section V: Additional Information

  • Since the fellowship requires travelling, candidates are requested to please mention their comfort level with travelling.
  • Candidates are also required to inform that whether they require reasonable accommodation for their participation during the selection process.
  • Candidates have to select I accept declaration inorder to submit the application form.