Guwahati Smart City Proposal Analysis

The smart city proposal of Guwahati creates a vision to become a world-class destination in terms of tourism, business, trade, education, and health. The city aims at promoting Eco-Tourism, Eco-Mobility, flood resiliency and sustainable model for urban renewal.

The area-based development involving the retrofitting approach will have barrier-free access features. The Eco-Mobility corridor and riverfront development will comprise of the barrier-free components like ramps, special parking lots, pelican signals, tactile paving, etc. In order to have a comprehensive development, the initiatives have been collaborated with AMRUT mission like physical infrastructure around bus-stops, toilets, development of green spaces, etc which will incorporate universal access.

The demand assessment highlights few accessibility features in pan-city proposal. It will incorporate smart facilities at smart bus-stops like the announcement of the arrival of buses on Braille Information Boards. However, the inclusion of persons with disability finds no mention in ICT-enabled solutions like mobile applications for tourism or e-governance. There are also no provisions made in the component of flood resiliency and skill development. Holistically in the proposal, the inclusion of persons with disability is limited only to built environment but no provisions are made on the part of other services.

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