The Coimbatore smart city aims to be an inclusive, secure and effectively governed metropolis that offers the highest quality of life for its citizens. The vision of proposal revolves around the following five major themes:

  • Provision of best in class services
  • Seamless mobility
  • Sustainable environment
  • Transparent ICT-LED governance and citizen engagement
  • Vibrant Economy

None of the above themes fully capture the criteria for persons with disabilities apart from citizen engagement. The notion of inclusiveness in the proposal only entails the poor section of society. Although the primary focus of area based proposal is on retrofitting, based on the theme of environment, pedestrianization and universal access to services but no provision exclusively talks about measures for persons with disabilities. They are left out in all key components and essential features of the area based development like integrated development of lake network, eco-mobility corridor, construction of toilets, re-configuring of arterial roads, creation of green spaces, pedestrian safety, etc.

Similarly, IT enabled solutions based on web-enabled e-governance applications to interact and transact with citizens do not ensure their accessibility for the disabled population. The smart city proposal has profoundly neglected the measures from the point of view of both area-based and pan-city proposal excluding persons with disabilities in their development agenda.

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