The Vishakhapatnam proposal caters a vision of a resilient and a healthy metropolis for its people. With the focus of a mixed land-use planning and strong diverse social fabric, the city aims at creating a vibrant neighbourhood by minimizing the environmental footprint.

The area based development involves beach beautification project leading to a better environment for public engagement. It states to involve universal design elements for mobility by incorporating features like tactile guides, obstruction free footpaths with ramps, bollard spacing for wheelchair users, audio signals for crossings, etc. However, the area based development neglects the needs of persons with disabilities under the component of affordable and equitable education.

The pan-city proposal states the establishment of Central Control and Command Centre focusing on disaster management system, e-governance and city operations. Disabled population is excluded from the ICT-based components like citizen engagement platforms and applications without accessible technology. The notion of universal accessibility in the proposal fails to address the traditionally ignored issue of digital inclusion for persons with disabilities with limited focus only on the built environment.

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