The proposal focuses on creating smart utilization of the potential of the city for enhanced quality of life and providing equal access to best quality infrastructure. One of the goal highlights to ensure the development of all section of the society with a focus on persons with disabilities.

The area based development concentrates over efficient physical infrastructure, affordable housing and inclusiveness along with smart city systems. It proposes convergence of SMART area with the Accessible India Campaign, retrofitting all buildings (including private buildings and establishments) under the area as per the strategy of Accessible India Campaign. The proposal also highlights the implementation strategy for the convergence. Other facilities like textile markets, bus stops, signages and railway station will be made accessible through proper regulations.

The pan-city solution comprises of the component like smart cards, connected Surat, integrated transport mobility administration centre and smart city centre. Accessible India Campaign under pan-city solution will also ensure that information sharing through various means like mobile app; social media etc. is also taken up effectively for these schemes so as to have extended outreach. Features like the appointment of self-help coordinator in smart kiosk under integrated transport and connectivity for persons with disabilities makes pan-city solutions more comprehensive. Overall the proposal enhances access to the physical environment, public transportation, knowledge, information and communication for achieving inclusiveness.

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