The city aims at providing a sustainable environment through ensuring efficiency of resources; clean and efficient infrastructure services; inclusive mobility options and by promoting a healthy lifestyle. The vision of the city states Solapur as clean, efficient and progressive. The strategic focus highlights providing barrier-free features under the inclusive mobility options for increasing the accessibility of the service.

The proposal seeks its convergence with the Swachh Bharat Mission and to meet the objective of open defecation states the construction of barrier-free toilets. The features of area based development highlight solutions for persons with disabilities like barrier-free pathways; footpaths enabled with ramps and prioritized signalling.

However, the pan-city development lacks features for the disabled population. They will be excluded from the responsive and accountable governance mechanism (multiple digital platforms) as there is no provision for accessible ICT based solutions for persons with disabilities. The proposal covers features for the disabled population under built environment and transportation but neglects their digital inclusion in other smart solutions

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