The proposal aims at becoming the most livable city in India. Its strategic focus being to improve the infrastructure, create an effective business environment and make neighbourhoods clean, green and fully livable.

The area based development concentrates on providing the best-in class global services in the sector of mobility, water management, employment and citizen services. One of the key component states to make pathways 100% accessible for persons with disabilities. Under the feature of sanitation facilities the toilet space design would be as per the needs of persons with disabilities.

The pan-city solution focuses on the transportation system and water availability. It states to provide special service by provision of location-based services and CCTV technologies to notify authorities and family members of the disabled population. There exists no provision for accessible technology for smart applications and online portals for empowering persons with disabilities. Overall the proposal covers few aspects for persons with disabilities under sanitation, healthcare and mobility but completely neglects their inclusion under the ICT-based smart solutions with no accessible technology.

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