The vision outlines the city to be inclusive; vibrant with opportunities; connected and accessible; and sustainable with ease of living. Its strategic focus is to create a cohesive society by ensuring the quality of life and universal access to smart urban services.

The key components of area based development involve seamless multi-modal transportation, reconstituting urban forms and provision of smart urban services embedded with smart solutions. Kochi has 1200 registered differently-abled persons and the component of seamless mobility with barrier free elements will be an integral part with features like ramps, Braille equipped signs, soft landscaping, smart signages, etc. Provision for five schools catering to the area is also made for the disabled population under social infrastructure.

With no accessible technology, the pan-city proposal has nothing to offer to the disabled population. They are excluded from the ICT-based solutions like Government to Citizen Services; integrated mobile platforms, access to real time information, smart cards and other information systems. The proposal has incorporated persons with disabilities under area based development but has neglected them under ICT-based solutions.

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