The proposal of Davanagere focuses on uniform growth and development of the city especially in terms of basic infrastructure. The Smart sustainable interventions aim at creating a city level impact by providing opportunities for all sections of the society. The vision statement aspires Davanagere to be a city where L.I.F.E. nestles, stating the follows:

  • L – Liveable in Safety and Convenience
  • I – Inclusive
  • F – Financially Vibrant, Futuristic
  • E – Edutainment, Economic Prosperity and Environmental Friendly

The aspect of built environment and transportation in the proposal covers the provision for persons with disabilities as per the Disability Act like voice data enabled services for visually impaired people, ramps for parking plazas, low floor city buses, etc. But the proposal in its retrofitting project involving components like vocational and skill training offers no economic opportunities for the upliftment of persons with disabilities.

The components of pan-city initiatives focus on smart mobility and ICT crowd mapping. There exists no mention of accessibility to these ICT-based smart initiatives for persons with disabilities. They would be excluded from public engagement platforms involving real time online community applications and websites. Digital inclusion for persons with disabilities cannot be ensured from the proposal despite the major focus being on creating an inclusive environment.

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