Belagavi smart city proposal highlights the concept of HEAL city (eminent destination for Health, Education, Ancillary industry and Logistics sectors) by being inclusive, livable and culturally vibrant. The proposal broadly focuses on the development of physical and social infrastructure, intelligent transport system and e-governance.

Citizen’s feedback analyzed for the proposal identified facilities for persons with disabilities as one of the priority sector but has not been covered comprehensively in the proposal.

The area based proposal states the provision of disabled friendly infrastructure for access to services like kiosks and ATMs; information and navigation maps; emergency phones and response system; ramps; etc. However, there is no mention of provision for intelligent transport system or other amenities. The pan-city proposal ensures that there is no need for citizens to physically go to government offices to pay bills or get services. It does not state that these ICT-enabled solutions like smart phone apps with infrastructure provisioning would be accessible and disabled friendly. The proposal completely ignores the digital inclusion of persons with disabilities in aspects of e-governance and effective service delivery.

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