The city focuses on creating a vision for providing efficient, affordable, equitable and customized governance for the citizens. The proposal is based on evolving Ahmedabad on the grounds of inclusiveness, integrated transport network, resiliency and connectivity. One of the major goals involves creating accessibility options for persons with disabilities.

The participatory planning process of the proposal highlights enforcing norms for disabled access and to enhance connectivity at all levels. The retrofitting and redevelopment proposal will be based upon the Development Control Regulations covering features for persons with disabilities like appropriate signages and accessible infrastructure for entrances, parking, toilets, etc. The area based development ensures adequate features for disabled population under built environment as per the Control Regulations.

The proposal talks about convergence of smart applications with pan-city solutions for persons with disabilities. Pan city proposal comprises of two major components that is Smart Transit and Command Control Centre. The Integrated Transit Platform would be developed such that the application would be easily accessible in multiple languages and voice enabled. The proposal covers the aspect of persons with disabilities in the ICT-led solutions for only mobility but does not ensure provisions for them in other ICT driven services.

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